Online Keno has become very popular in some of the top rated online casinos and players are enjoying the excitement and the winnings that can be generated. Players who are new to the game must understand that Keno is strictly a game of luck. This lottery style game provides players with some fantastic winning opportunities and many players feel there are strategies that can be used when placing their bets and choosing which numbers they wish to play on the game. Players will first have to decide how many numbers they want to play and what amount they wish to bet on the game. While there is no proven betting strategy for online Keno, many players feel it is more fun to play certain patterns on the game instead of randomly spreading out the numbers chosen.

Experienced players will recommend that the same amount of spots should be played every time. While many online Keno games will support as many as 15 numbers, most players find that they benefit from choosing only 3 or 4. Playing more than 7 numbers is considered a waste of time and money by most experienced players.

When deciding how many numbers to play, players need to be aware of the payouts. Since these can change from one online casino to the next, learning the payouts will help when placing the bet. Players should always bet on the best odds. The odds are better when fewer numbers are played, which is why most players suggest a 3 or 4 spot bet. If players hit on fewer numbers chosen, the payouts can be better than hitting many numbers.

Many online casinos will offer Keno bonuses and these provide players with free cash and even free Keno bets. If any bonuses are promoted at the online casino, players should take advantage of these. While there are wagering requirements involved when players want to cash out, the bonus will increase the chances of winning because players will be allowed to play more and make additional bets.

Money management is the key to success when playing any casino game online. As long as players have a set budget and know how much they can afford to lose, they will have better chances at walking away with some cash, even if they lose on every game played. Players who enjoy large wins should put some of that money aside and set a new budget if they wish to continue playing online Keno.