Nearly anyone who has played at an online casino website has tried playing online slots games for fun in free mode. Slots provide and make for a unique and enjoyable way to enjoy the experience of online gambling as well as offer the best payout percentages of any game found at an online casino. Fans of online slots games who enjoy playing will have the opportunity to discover and play a wide variety of games for both free and real money at leading online casinos. Most software providers who develop games for online casinos provide a large variety of games to choose from in many cases well over 800 games. The likes of Microgaming and Net Entertainment are two of the most notable providers of the worlds leading online slots games.

The benefits of playing slots online vs. in a land based casino are vast. The most notable benefits are the fact that you can enjoy playing anywhere you have an internet connection and a device to play on. More popular than ever these days has become the ability as well to play on mobile and tablet devices. Players can now literally enjoy playing on their iPhones, iPads and Android devices any time and anywhere without the need to ever visit a brick and mortar casino. The second benefit worth mentioning is the fact the online casinos and the slots games offer payouts higher then what you'd find in a traditional land based casino. It's not uncommon for payouts to reach over 98% in some cases with many of the slots games online. This far exceeds what you find in land based casinos where payouts are generally in the 75 - 80% range. Online operators can provide better payouts and still say in business largely since the overhead costs and expenses associated with online gaming sites is far less than that of land based casinos.

The most popular form of online slots are the five reel video slot variety. These games have emerged as the dominant game of choice by players who enjoy playing slots for good reason. Five reel video slots provide a higher entertainment value than that of a traditional 3 reel slot as they are far more interactive and provide better features and engagement characteristics. Players who enjoy these games will benefit from advanced wild symbols, stacked wilds, free spins bonuses, traditional point and click type bonuses and much more. For the most part work on 3 reel games at online casinos has ceased by the software providers who produce them and all efforts now appear to be put towards building out the five reel video slot variety offered.

Another great characteristic of playing slots online is the fact that progressive jackpot prize pools can reach staggering levels. It's not uncommon to see a Microgaming or Net Entertainment first prize progressive jackpot reach levels well over 10 million dollars. Unfortunately very few win these massive jackpots and winning can be compared to winning the lottery where the odds are definitely not in your favour. More great information about online slots can be found by visiting allaboutslots.com among the best online casino slots guide.