Strategies for Online Craps

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Craps is a classic casino game that many of you may have played in the past. In having done so, you may already know that there are no true strategies to winning on the table. There is a lot of information regarding the use of strategies, but you will have to try them out for yourself to determine if they will be effective for you on the table. Some players feel that using a strategy at the table is a form of cheating. This is not always the case, nor is it true. Using a craps strategy simply means that you are trying to do something slightly different that will give you an edge over the house.

The Safest Craps system is one of the best strategy techniques you can apply to your game. This is for you if you are a conservative player. When using this system, your bankroll will not increase quickly and you should know that this is not a technique that every player should use. With this strategy, on every come out roll, you will place a bet on the don’t pass line. If the point hits, you will win the odds. When that point is made, there is no way for you to lose. When a 2 or 3 are rolled, a full unit is won, but the probability of this is very low. In fact, the probability overall is very low. Again, there is no way to strategically play craps, but this system may help a little bit.

Another thing you can try is Field Betting strategies. This will follow a one-roll bet on the table and it only has a 44% chance of being rolled. You may hear other players referring to this as a sucker’s bet. This strategy will present some positive aspects to players, no matter what level they are playing at.

This strategy is based on probability. The probability of hitting a field bet will decrease on conservative rolls as those rolls increase. You can use straight bets and mini-progression bets when you are using this system. Again, the probability percentages when using this system are very low, but it can help you get a good understanding of the betting part of the game. Visit for more information about online craps type gambling online.